Episode 4: Relationsh*ts

Ever had or been a “crazy ex?” From head games to kidnapping, the girls have seen and done it all. This week join Ashley, Lauren, and Aislinn for a not-so-fond walk down Memory Lane and into Crazytown as they tackle their own evil exes.

Episode 3: Omnomnom

This week the girls tackle everyone’s favorite subject:  FOOD!  Lauren introduces us to the Paleo diet in all it’s raw, organic goodness; Ashley talks about her sodium intolerance and the joys of kidney stones; and Aislinn discusses her weird pseudo-freegan, hippy way of eating.  Speaking of eating, don’t miss the special chat on the awesomeness that is cunnilingus and having pride in your body just the way it is.

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Episode 2: Aminals

Bear with us through our obvious inebriation…This week the girls talk about their favorite fur babies of the past and present and drink all of the wines.  Ashley takes a serious moment to discuss the importance of pet grooming and dangers of cheap flea remedies.

Episode 1: Welcome!

The girls introduce themselves and go down a weird rabbit-hole from Dr. Who to Hoarders.