Episode 9: Stereotypes

Stereo types. Panasonic. Sony. Samsung. Just kidding! Today the ladies talk about how they’ve been stereotyped throughout their lives and the stereotyping they’ve done (and are still trying to stop). Join Aislinn, Ashley and Lauren as they navigate labels, stereotypes, acceptance and a love of scooters. Special guest host today: Odie!

Episode 8: Let’s Get Top(ic)less

This week the girls decide to go commando. With no set topic, Lauren, Ashley and Aislinn wander from relationships to kids to entertainment and so much in-between.

Episode 7: Super Twin Doctor Sherlock Blood Trek Crossing

From movies and television to video games, the girls discuss their current obsessions and past favorites. As well as a hefty amount of namedropping of other podcasts and networks.

Episode 6: Men v Women v Life

AJ is back in the studio this week to turn the tables on the girls with his own questions. Are men and women really that different? Or are we all just products of our individual environments and life experiences? You’ll have to listen to find out the conclusions we came to. Plus, some roundabout advice on making it through high school (and life in general) when you’re not one of the “cool kids.” Followed by some really heavy stuff involving adoption and abortion. And then porn. Lots and lots of porn.

Episode 5: Tattoos

This week local tattoo artist AJ joins the girls to talk about (what else?) tattoos! A must-listen for anyone with tattoos, thinking about getting tattoos, or even interested in becoming a legitimate tattoo artist.

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