Episode 13: Needling

This week the girls go for round two on body modification safety with their favorite piercer, Tucci! Learn about proper shop etiquette, what to look for in both a studio and a piercer, and why exactly piercing guns are so unsafe. Also covered: suspension and non-tattoo body modification.

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Episode 12: A Wild Visitor Appears!

The Girls are joined by a special guest this week! Enjoy!



Episode 11: Zen and the Art of Home Maintenance

After having a rough week, the girls sat down with the intent to talk about what makes them happy and actually manage to succeed between Bob Villa-esque rants.

Episode 10: Artcation

Silent guest host Odie is joins Ashley, Lauren and Aislinn for the second week in a row! We all need to get away once in a while and the girls are no exception. From beaches to museums to conventions, listen as they recall their favorite past vacations and some dream trips for the future. And a tangent about pretty girls who don’t think their pretty. And there’s an unexpected conversation on modern art, too!