Episode 17: Twerk Faire

The girls go all over the place this week from twerking to Renaissance Faires to Alcohol to Pooping in the woods to Reality Television. Finally ending on some advice about your canine pals.

Episode 16: Phobophobia

What are YOU afraid of? This week the girls share their deepest fears and past traumas. And then talk about crazy sex dreams! Hooray!

Episode 15: Current Obsessions

Once again, the girls entered the studio without a topic. Listen as they talk about their current obsessions in food and television. And Lauren shares her recent experience with permanent cosmetics. Also, Odie returns to guest host and an unexpected eight-legged visitor shows up!

Episode 14: Suspended

The long-awaited second half of the two-part Tucci saga! This week the girls delve into the man behind the needle and things get personal pretty quickly. Topics include genital piercing, cycling, getting lost in fracking territory, breaking into churches, suspensions and so much more!