Episode 22: Culture and Cancer

Once again, the triad has been broken. The beloved Lauren is absent this week, but not to worry, frequent guest Bill and new special guest Kelsey stop in to help host. Topics are all over this week from breast cancer slacktivism to cultural appropriation to copyright law to video games.

A must read for cultural appropriators

Episode 21: Girl on Girl

This week Ashley is called away on a family emergency, so Aislinn and Lauren attempt the show on their own. Topics include current obsessions, video games, books, movies, tv shows and admiration for strippers. It always comes back to strippers.

Episode 20: Talk Nerdy to Me

Super Producer William “Bill” Russum joins the girls in the studio today to nerd out on Bigfoot, Doctor Who, hipsters, and so much more. Plus, Aislinn has a special announcement.

Episode 19: Mawwiage

This week the girls talk about love and marriage. And marriage equality. And boobs.

Episode 18: Screaming Metal Death Trap

This week the girls had the intent to talk about nerd culture, but got way off on a tangent about cars and their various driving histories. Then, as usual, sex, drugs and parties are discussed. Wo0t!