Episode 26: Women’s Rights-ish

This week, The Girls talk about women’s rights for a minute, and then get extra distracted, as usual.

Episode 25: What Really Grinds Our Gears

This week the girls discuss current pet peeves ranging from deforestation to animal and child abuse. And then things get weird with Eraserhead and the theremin.

Episode 24: Reunited

…and it feels so good. After almost a month, all of the girls are back in the studio this week to talk about holistic health care. Cold and flu season is upon us and the girls have a few suggestions on keeping your immune system fighting without putting synthetic chemicals into your body.

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Episode 23: Hysteria

For the second episode in a row, both Bill and Kelsey join the fun. Sit back and enjoy Kelsey’s oral history of the vibrator, her first vibrator and some naughty massage chairs.