Episode 31: Shopping Reunion

This week the girls discuss the horrors of clothes shopping and seemingly random sizing of women’s clothing. Plus, Ashley’s family reunion fun times and Lauren shares her love of UFC.

Episode 30: Steamless Xmas

This week the girls wanted to wish you a merry xmas, but may have ruined it. Listen in for talks of fudge, hobbits and Twilight.

Bob’s Burgers Oil Spill

Episode 29: Local News

This week the girls share their favorite awful local news stories. Followed up by high school biology experiences, fellow podcasts, vampire pop culture and the long-awaited conclusion of Robin’s (Aislinn’s mother-in-law) cell phone saga.


Episode 28: MNMOMD&D

This week the girls play catch-up and talk about the most recent Mike’s No Mic Open Mic, Dungeons & Dragons, and the favorite local ghost town. Also, a bitcoin followup and the art of peeing in a cup.

Episode 27: Bitcoins, how do they work?

This week we all get an education from Curt about bitcoins and the darker corners of the internet.