Episode 35: Sensational Journalist

This week the girls are joined their favorite local journalist and co-host of the Serving Ice Podcast (find them), Justin Strawser. Justin discusses his job at a local newspaper, how he got into journalism and where he thinks the newspaper industry is heading. Also, a surprise intro from Aislinn expressing her love of the performers of MNMOM.

Find Justin (and his work):
Serving Ice Podcast
The Letter Red

Episode 34: Furry Apps

After some discussion about furries, bathroom habits, creepy crawlies, and birth control, the girls get down to this weeks business and discuss their favorite smart phone apps.

Episode 33: Om to the Nom

This week the girls revisit food and cooking with a little bit of juicing and tire burning for flavor. Also, crazy franken-plants.

Episode 32: A Jorb Well Done

This week the girls are joined by Podfather Bill and his Big Wiggle Voice to talk about jobs. What did you want to be? What have done? Where do you want to go from here? Listen to the answers to these questions and more.