Episode 39: Feminism is for Everybody

This week, previous Popular Outcasts guest, Ali, joins the girls to school everyone on feminism. What is it? Where is it going? And what exactly is a men’s rights activist? Open your ears and learn something new.


Episode 38: Lists of Firsts-sts-sts-sts

Lauren is back this week to grill Aislinn and Ashley about some of their life firsts. From pets to cars to crazy hairstyles, join the girls as they delve into their history.

Episode 37: Galentine’s Day

Due to a sudden snowpocalypse, the lovely Lauren was unable to make it to the studio, leaving Ashley and Aislinn to fly solo. This week’s topics range from Valentine’s Day to gardening to donating blood and eggs to online dating and nice guys.


Episode 36: Portable Girls Podcast

It’s another podcast mashup week as the girls are joined by cohost of Portable Power, Aislinn’s brother Marc. Topics are all over the place this week with a bicoastal weather report, video game heroines, Japanese horror films and the untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Find Marc:
Portable Power Podcast