Episode 43: Twenty-ish Questions

Their first official week without Lauren, Ashley and Aislinn decide to play a little game to get more acquainted. Plus, an announcement on a future host! Oh my! (And for those of you keeping score at home: Aislinn’s definitive shoe count is seventeen.)

Here’s the full 800 questions if you’re interested.

Episode 42: Jeans Happen, Yo

Bill from the Popular Outcasts joins the girls yet again this week to talk about his band Martian Conspiracy Theory. Alternate titles for this week’s episode: We Don’t Read; John Smith is The Doctor. Plus, Lauren has a special announcement at the end of the episode. Betcha can’t guess what it is!

Martian Conspiracy Theory Facebook
MCT on ReverbNation

Episode 41: Cat Whisperer

Bill from THE Popular Outcasts joins the girls this week to talk about science, South Park, Hitler, and children.

Episode 40: Clueless

Aislinn forgot to take notes this week and has no idea what she, Ashely, and Lauren talked about. Enjoy!