Episode 52: Suicide Bathtub

This week is a mix of high school memories and current obsessions. Listen to the girls talk about recent body art additions, musical instruments, sex, comedy, and television.

Episode 51: Extreme Cheesecake

This week we get to hear the heartwarming story of how Ashley and Kelsey first met. Also Girls Scouts, Prom, and The Bible.
Pervy Prom Chaperones
Serving Ice: Episode 24: Doug Explains the Bible
The Book of Bunny Suicides

Episode 50: Beard Talk

This week Kelsey was off being a workaholic, so New Kelsey aka Bill, joined Ashley and Aislinn. So many things were talked about that they couldn’t possibly listed here. You’ll just have to listen.

Episode 49: Mister Otis

This week the girls talk about babysitters, short shorts, no-shave November, and the irreverent John Smith. Listen if you dare.