Episode 56: Secular Humanism

This week the girls are joined by Bill from THE Popular Outcasts and long-time friend, Ethan. Things start off a little silly this week with some alcohol-induced sex talk. Then everyone puts on their serious face to rehash last week’s internet fight, nice guys, marijuana, and the difference between feminism and misandry.

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Episode 55: Internet Fights

This week the girls are joined by not one, but TWO fantastic guests, Grethel and Kalyn, to discuss a Facebook post that got out of hand on Ashley’s wall. Topics this week include fighting on the internet, real life vs online life, teaching children boundaries, victim blaming, and sexual harassment.

Episode 54: Hollywood Illuminati

This week things get a little serious when the girls discuss the recent USCB shooting, #yesallwomen, and domestic violence. Things end on a lighter note with talk of beer, Mariokart, and the upcoming Brandie Posey show.

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Episode 53: Watching Grass Grow

This episode marks the one year anniversary of the Girls on Girls podcast and as usual topics are all over the place. Subjects this week include graduation, sandwiches, cats, plants, and mall jobs.