Episode 65: The Return of Lauren

Lauren finally returns to the podcast to tell the Girls what she’s been up to since leaving the show. Ashley, Kelsey, and Aislinn catch up and reminisce about some good times. Stay tuned to the end for an important announcement!

Episode 64: The Burlesque-isode

This week, special guest C. Amanda Boutahorse talks burlesque with the Girls. From attending shows as a spectator to hosting her own as a performer to teaching others (including the upcoming workshop with the Girls on Girls), this lady does it all. If you live in upstate New York, be sure to check out her monthly events.

Episode 63: Martian Lesbian Games

This week Bill subs for Kelsey and Ashley thinks Aislinn is Lauren. The Girls talk about controversy surrounding a local bridal shop, Bill’s recent musical performance, Mike Bennett going to California, video games, Ashely’s grooming business, and the upcoming burlesque class. And Aislinn forgot what Ashely wanted to call this episode. Whoops. It’s okay, she forgets a lot of things like links and photos.

Episode 62: I Don’t Need Feminism

This week the Girls revisit an old favorite: body hair. Other topics include current events such as the Texas border patrol and young women claiming they DON’T need feminism. Also, they took our job.