Episode 60: Breastmas

This week the girls go above and beyond with personal information regarding genital piercings, breasts, and plastic surgery. Other topics include: beer, siblings, swimsuits, movies, and Tinder. Also, we’d like to hear your feedback on if you would like to participate in a burlesque class or show. Ladies only at this time, please. Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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1 thought on “Episode 60: Breastmas”

  1. Hey There!
    A few things…Kelsey…The Last Unicorn is hands down my number one absolute favorite movie from childhood, and still is to this day. I watch it every few months, at least. When Hot Topic first opened in Wilpo, they had a tshirt, and I got it. That was about 16 years or so ago-ish…and I still have it. What an insane, awesome movie to have watched as a child- I blame it, and other weird cartoons and movies from the early 80s, for my awesomely twisted personality. LOVE IT!!
    Secondly, Teah had a breast enhancement and liposuction, not rhinoplasty. Also, her one breast never dropped properly…I think she either had to, or still has to, go back and get it redone, unfortunately.
    Thirdly, I would totally do a burlesque class with C. Amanda, if she ever comes down here to do one!!
    Still listenin, ladies!! Miss you guys!!!

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