Episode 55: Internet Fights

This week the girls are joined by not one, but TWO fantastic guests, Grethel and Kalyn, to discuss a Facebook post that got out of hand on Ashley’s wall. Topics this week include fighting on the internet, real life vs online life, teaching children boundaries, victim blaming, and sexual harassment.

Episode 54: Hollywood Illuminati

This week things get a little serious when the girls discuss the recent USCB shooting, #yesallwomen, and domestic violence. Things end on a lighter note with talk of beer, Mariokart, and the upcoming Brandie Posey show.

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Episode 53: Watching Grass Grow

This episode marks the one year anniversary of the Girls on Girls podcast and as usual topics are all over the place. Subjects this week include graduation, sandwiches, cats, plants, and mall jobs.

Episode 52: Suicide Bathtub

This week is a mix of high school memories and current obsessions. Listen to the girls talk about recent body art additions, musical instruments, sex, comedy, and television.

Episode 51: Extreme Cheesecake

This week we get to hear the heartwarming story of how Ashley and Kelsey first met. Also Girls Scouts, Prom, and The Bible.
Pervy Prom Chaperones
Serving Ice: Episode 24: Doug Explains the Bible
The Book of Bunny Suicides

Episode 50: Beard Talk

This week Kelsey was off being a workaholic, so New Kelsey aka Bill, joined Ashley and Aislinn. So many things were talked about that they couldn’t possibly listed here. You’ll just have to listen.

Episode 49: Mister Otis

This week the girls talk about babysitters, short shorts, no-shave November, and the irreverent John Smith. Listen if you dare.

Episode 48: Charity in South Dakota

The girls are back again this week to talk about the open mic you (probably) didn’t go to, Ashely’s new employment status, and more. How much more? Much, much more!

Pennsylvania Polar Bear Plunge

Episode 47: Don’t Call Me Baby

Emily is back again this week to discuss the horrors of street harassment and overall disrespect for young females. Other topics include: podcasting, vaginas, piercings, sign language, and crafting.

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

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Episode 46: Don’t Buy Pets from the Ren Faire

New co-host Kelsey is finally able to join Aislinn and Ashely this week. The girls are also joined by Emily creative person extraordinaire and host of the Make One for Me in Your Spare Time podcast. Topics this week include the best way to pee standing up, public transit, animals, food shopping, tracking and so much more.

Find Emily!
Troy, NY
This is Troy, NY

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