Episode 60: Breastmas

This week the girls go above and beyond with personal information regarding genital piercings, breasts, and plastic surgery. Other topics include: beer, siblings, swimsuits, movies, and Tinder. Also, we’d like to hear your feedback on if you would like to participate in a burlesque class or show. Ladies only at this time, please. Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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Episode 54: Hollywood Illuminati

This week things get a little serious when the girls discuss the recent USCB shooting, #yesallwomen, and domestic violence. Things end on a lighter note with talk of beer, Mariokart, and the upcoming Brandie Posey show.

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Episode 17: Twerk Faire

The girls go all over the place this week from twerking to Renaissance Faires to Alcohol to Pooping in the woods to Reality Television. Finally ending on some advice about your canine pals.