Episode 57: Centaur Pizza Party

This week’s episode opens with the monthly open mic discussion then veers off into college, butts, height v weight, and, of course, PIZZA. Also, the Brandie Posey show which is TONIGHT and FREE. Come support Kelsey! (Link below)

This One’s for My Skinny Sisters

Info for the open mic and Brandie Posey show

Episode 53: Watching Grass Grow

This episode marks the one year anniversary of the Girls on Girls podcast and as usual topics are all over the place. Subjects this week include graduation, sandwiches, cats, plants, and mall jobs.

Episode 48: Charity in South Dakota

The girls are back again this week to talk about the open mic you (probably) didn’t go to, Ashely’s new employment status, and more. How much more? Much, much more!

Pennsylvania Polar Bear Plunge