Episode 56: Secular Humanism

This week the girls are joined by Bill from THE Popular Outcasts and long-time friend, Ethan. Things start off a little silly this week with some alcohol-induced sex talk. Then everyone puts on their serious face to rehash last week’s internet fight, nice guys, marijuana, and the difference between feminism and misandry.

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Episode 54: Hollywood Illuminati

This week things get a little serious when the girls discuss the recent USCB shooting, #yesallwomen, and domestic violence. Things end on a lighter note with talk of beer, Mariokart, and the upcoming Brandie Posey show.

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Episode 39: Feminism is for Everybody

This week, previous Popular Outcasts guest, Ali, joins the girls to school everyone on feminism. What is it? Where is it going? And what exactly is a men’s rights activist? Open your ears and learn something new.