Episode 63: Martian Lesbian Games

This week Bill subs for Kelsey and Ashley thinks Aislinn is Lauren. The Girls talk about controversy surrounding a local bridal shop, Bill’s recent musical performance, Mike Bennett going to California, video games, Ashely’s grooming business, and the upcoming burlesque class. And Aislinn forgot what Ashely wanted to call this episode. Whoops. It’s okay, she forgets a lot of things like links and photos.

Episode 61: Girls on Ashley

This week Bill from Popular Outcasts stops by to tell us about his bands upcoming first show, as well as a comedy night he’s hosting. Check them out! As per usual, the girls briefly discuss the most recent MNMOM and we read messages from Lauren! Yay, Lauren! Also, there’s still a few tickets left for Rifftrax, grab them before they’re all gone!

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Episode 42: Jeans Happen, Yo

Bill from the Popular Outcasts joins the girls yet again this week to talk about his band Martian Conspiracy Theory. Alternate titles for this week’s episode: We Don’t Read; John Smith is The Doctor. Plus, Lauren has a special announcement at the end of the episode. Betcha can’t guess what it is!

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