Episode 56: Secular Humanism

This week the girls are joined by Bill from THE Popular Outcasts and long-time friend, Ethan. Things start off a little silly this week with some alcohol-induced sex talk. Then everyone puts on their serious face to rehash last week’s internet fight, nice guys, marijuana, and the difference between feminism and misandry.

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Episode 46: Don’t Buy Pets from the Ren Faire

New co-host Kelsey is finally able to join Aislinn and Ashely this week. The girls are also joined by Emily creative person extraordinaire and host of the Make One for Me in Your Spare Time podcast. Topics this week include the best way to pee standing up, public transit, animals, food shopping, tracking and so much more.

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Troy, NY
This is Troy, NY

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Episode 37: Galentine’s Day

Due to a sudden snowpocalypse, the lovely Lauren was unable to make it to the studio, leaving Ashley and Aislinn to fly solo. This week’s topics range from Valentine’s Day to gardening to donating blood and eggs to online dating and nice guys.