Episode 58: Kevin Seibert, Everybody

This week the girls get their pizza AND are joined by an unexpected guest! Plus, sex, needles and birth control, and a story about the time Kelsey almost died.

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Episode 6: Men v Women v Life

AJ is back in the studio this week to turn the tables on the girls with his own questions. Are men and women really that different? Or are we all just products of our individual environments and life experiences? You’ll have to listen to find out the conclusions we came to. Plus, some roundabout advice on making it through high school (and life in general) when you’re not one of the “cool kids.” Followed by some really heavy stuff involving adoption and abortion. And then porn. Lots and lots of porn.

Episode 4: Relationsh*ts

Ever had or been a “crazy ex?” From head games to kidnapping, the girls have seen and done it all. This week join Ashley, Lauren, and Aislinn for a not-so-fond walk down Memory Lane and into Crazytown as they tackle their own evil exes.