Episode 56: Secular Humanism

This week the girls are joined by Bill from THE Popular Outcasts and long-time friend, Ethan. Things start off a little silly this week with some alcohol-induced sex talk. Then everyone puts on their serious face to rehash last week’s internet fight, nice guys, marijuana, and the difference between feminism and misandry.

Info for the open mic and Brandie Posey show

Episode 52: Suicide Bathtub

This week is a mix of high school memories and current obsessions. Listen to the girls talk about recent body art additions, musical instruments, sex, comedy, and television.

Episode 5: Tattoos

This week local tattoo artist AJ joins the girls to talk about (what else?) tattoos! A must-listen for anyone with tattoos, thinking about getting tattoos, or even interested in becoming a legitimate tattoo artist.

See the work of the entire Totem Tattoo family.
Or just AJ.