Episode 60: Breastmas

This week the girls go above and beyond with personal information regarding genital piercings, breasts, and plastic surgery. Other topics include: beer, siblings, swimsuits, movies, and Tinder. Also, we’d like to hear your feedback on if you would like to participate in a burlesque class or show. Ladies only at this time, please. Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

Custom Swimwear from Black Cat Bikinis


Episode 30: Steamless Xmas

This week the girls wanted to wish you a merry xmas, but may have ruined it. Listen in for talks of fudge, hobbits and Twilight.

Bob’s Burgers Oil Spill

Episode 21: Girl on Girl

This week Ashley is called away on a family emergency, so Aislinn and Lauren attempt the show on their own. Topics include current obsessions, video games, books, movies, tv shows and admiration for strippers. It always comes back to strippers.