Episode 58: Kevin Seibert, Everybody

This week the girls get their pizza AND are joined by an unexpected guest! Plus, sex, needles and birth control, and a story about the time Kelsey almost died.

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Portable Power Podcast

Episode 36: Portable Girls Podcast

It’s another podcast mashup week as the girls are joined by cohost of Portable Power, Aislinn’s brother Marc. Topics are all over the place this week with a bicoastal weather report, video game heroines, Japanese horror films and the untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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Portable Power Podcast

Episode 20: Talk Nerdy to Me

Super Producer William “Bill” Russum joins the girls in the studio today to nerd out on Bigfoot, Doctor Who, hipsters, and so much more. Plus, Aislinn has a special announcement.

Episode 7: Super Twin Doctor Sherlock Blood Trek Crossing

From movies and television to video games, the girls discuss their current obsessions and past favorites. As well as a hefty amount of namedropping of other podcasts and networks.